Arismendy Feliz
Posted on July 9, 2015 by arismendy on Thoughts


In order for the needs of humanity to be met, we must stop being cowards, we must stop making excuses or justifying the existence of systems that do more harm than good. I’ve heard many proclaim that they aren’t going to rock any boat because they have mouths to feed. Understandably, we all want to keep our families safe and healthy, but at what cost? You are preserving a system so that your children will go thru the same stressors if not worse situations than you because we haven’t taught them the value of human dignity. Yet we teach them the worth of material things. Every time we see unjust acts, or work for unjust entities and do not say or do anything, we become unjust in our selfishness, because our concern cannot lie with just our families but with humanity. If humanity is taken care of then we are all taken care of. Live a life of dignity.

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